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2021 Preface

First and foremost, yall are not ready for the transformation of this page and the fire content that I have in the creative works! This site will be getting revamped, updated and upgraded!

Let's not talk about how this page has been neglected in a while, that's focusing too much on the past... 2021 is here and now, AND I am present! I have a ton to catch you up on in my growth, self-development, healing, and spiritual journey. 2020 took away the comfort of my travel endeavors, so I, like many others, had time to take a journey within. This shit is hard, uncomfortable, and an overall emotional roller coaster.... you know, cuz everyone LOVES spilling their heart out and confronting people that they feel they need to have difficult conversations with... *Gags* Vulnerability is sooooo fuuuuunnnnn! *obvious sarcasm* AND, I did it anyway!

Being that this work takes time and is a whole energy process, I will be breaking my experience down into compact posts that aren't overwhelming to read and process. I'm actually FULL BODY EXCITED about everything that I am creating and manifesting for my life! If you know me in real life, you know the emotion of excitement is very rare, outside of when I'm traveling, going to concerts, enjoying events, and when I'm eating scrumdiddlyumptious food lol... basically all the 2020 limited or off limit things. Everything else was typically pretty blah, mundane, and overall uninteresting to say the least.

It is Aquarius season, in the Age of Aquarius, so I'm going to leave you with a video snippet including photos from my birthday shoot and the beginning of a photo series that I'm creating.

Vision captured by @augustine.joseph.crtv

Go follow him on Instagram.


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