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Open Letter to My Life Partner

Dear Life Partner.

I'm not sure if we have crossed paths yet and just haven't connected fully, or if you are going to reveal yourself and show up in the near future. I have come in contact with multiple soulmates, the people who are sent to help one grow as a person, and none of them have turned out to be you. I am now in a space mentally and spiritually where I can powerfully step into the feminine and unapologetically proclaim my desires. So here is my public open letter to you.

I'm excited to meet you, and I'm even more excited for our future! If you knew me before, excitement was not an acceptable emotion in my language. Excitement meant disappointment, disillusion, and disregarded, due to constant broken promises and empty words of affirmations. AND STILL.... I'm excited to meet the black man who fully embraces his divine masculine and is present to his divine feminine, so that his ego does not have control over him and his emotions. A black man that creates a safe space for the divine feminine to step into and to hold her when chaos erupts. A black man who supports a woman standing firmly in her feminine spine, being a sounding board for her desires. The masculine who serves the feminine as protector and champion, who is awakened and able to navigate emotional availability, compassion, empathy, receptivity, full self expression and erotic human nature.

My infinite love will never be considered too much for you. You will embrace and reciprocate the love that I pour into you. You will not shame me for the thoughtful gifts that I get you, the surprises that I plan, nor the time that I make especially for you. You will know how to feed me love through acts of service, quality time, gifts, physical touch, and lastly words of affirmation, knowing that you have shown me better than you could tell me. Love will be fully expressed and gratitude will be communicated often, so the question of being good enough will seem foolish.

My duality will be accepted, embraced and celebrated by you. A lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets, is how the saying goes. Slut shaming, kink shaming and the like are not tolerable, and you will be in approval of the desires that I have, and communicate what may or may not work for you. You will feel comfortable expressing yourself and sharing kinky and taboo thoughts that have the possibility of becoming a reality. And at the same damn time we will be comfortable having conversations about our dreams, goals, desires and aspirations in business, life, love and friendship. We will support each other and hold each other accountable for what we say we want in our lives. Vulnerability will be embraced as a love language so there will not be fear in sharing ourselves with each other.

We are two complete beings joining in power to create on an exponential level. We are not perfect, and we are not broken nor incomplete. We have healed independently and are committed to building and maintaining healthy relationships in all areas of our lives. I desire marriage and children to start a legacy. I'm not working to break all of these generational curses for nothing! Additionally, motherhood is a beautiful transformational experience that I would love to share with my life partner. It's like molding a work of art that grows into a masterpiece beyond your wildest dreams and imagination after it is sent into the world.

Love is the easy part, despite what this world would like you to think. The true essence of love is infinite, abundant, healing, forgiving, compassionate, empathetic, accepting, affirming, free, fun and fulfilled. As long as we stay in tune with our higher consciousness, our love will prosper! I can't wait for our journey to begin!

I'm open heartedly ready to receive your love! And I have faith that you are open heartedly ready for my love to pour into you too!

I love you!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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