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Permission to Show Up

When was the last time you told yourself it's okay and gave yourself permission to act/do/perform? You granted yourself permission to be vulnerable? You granted yourself permission to be happy? Granted yourself the permission to love fully and completely? Permission to Show Up, Show Out and Show Off for yourself and others? In this world we often blame ourselves and others for various things. Making things right and wrong, constantly judging everything, unfortunately, especially ourselves. Being consumed by endless thoughts of doubt and insecurities, causing you to be in a state of indecision and inaction.

When was the last time you gave permission to just simply be? Be in your feelings. Be angry. Be sad. Be happy. Be in the moment. Be a safe space. Be open. Be honest. Be light. Be love. Be free. Be. Just be what you need to be for you, yourself, your happiness, your sanity. If you can't remember the last time, then the time is now.

If you are struggling to create that space for yourself, to grant yourself permission, I am granting you permission and creating that space for you to safely show up in. Whatever shows up let it, let it flow. If toxic let it flow and let it go. If healthy, let it flow and give yourself permission (and I give you permission) to be with it, let it resonate with you and embrace this state of being.

I don't know who needs this, but the permission is granted for you to Show Up, Show Out and Show Off for yourself and your life in this moment! Go BE!

PS. You might need to read that again…. Slowly…. and breathe!

XOXO Coach Piffy

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