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Show Off Yo Mamas!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing Mamas out there!!!! Today I'm Showing Off a few of the amazing, beautiful, talented, dynamic mothers in my life.

Paige: The Creator Mom. Shout to this woman for birthing me and naming me Mother-Loving Appiffanny; without her there is no Appiffanny, in name, nor physically. Thank God for my Mama otherwise you would have a blog by Alfonia, or not at all with a name like that, but I digress lol. My Mommie has been dubbed The Creator, also, due to her natural talents for artistry. She is known for her crafts and projects, whether in the house with a new, elaborate home decorator's dream DIY, or coordinating special events to raise funds for the hospital she works at. Love you bunches!

Aaliyah: The Super Mom. My Twin. My ride or die. College Graduate. Teacher of children with special needs. Rapper. Mother. This one right here has been dubbed Super Mom due to her ability to get so much accomplished and still have a stable work-life balance. She may be humble about her role as a Mother saying "I am pretty much the Mom I am... I'm just saying I don't know what others see," but she has this super ability to be a cool, energetic, fun, loving, dynamic Mother to her beautiful Indigo Child, as well as being an amazing friend, travel partner, teacher and rapper! Follow this lyrical Mom @mahnimusic!

Eunique: The Vulnerable Mom. I have the pleasure of seeing this lovely lady on a weekly basis as one of my work boos! Too often people think of the word vulnerable as a weakness, but it is in fact a strength. This woman wears her heart on her sleeve, therefore she is able to share her love with others in a dynamic way. She has a lucky little lady that she gives the world to, sacrificing herself as most Moms do, but I know she wouldn't have it any other way. This Vulnerable Mom is also crafty, sassy and classy creating fun new looks for herself and her daughter! All I can say to that is: Yaaaaassssss Queen!

Stephanie: The Blogger Mom. Latina. Fashionista. Blogger. Model. Sales Manager. Mother. She is too hot to stop. Stephy is my ex-work-boo whom I love and admire. I have watched this lady grow from a young woman into a fabulous Mother. Steph is known for her bold red lip, perfect eyeliner wing, and urban chic style. She authentically shares her journey as a Mother, wife, blogger, fashionista and hotelier on her life+style blog. Even though fashion (or dance) could have been her first love, her greatest and purest love is for the precious baby boy she has birthed. You can see this little man's cuteness displayed on her Instagram page @abstractsmile!

Tiffany: The Mom-to-Be. This Mom is in the beginning stages of Motherhood. Due to have her "mini me" in August 2018, this Mom-to-Be has so much love, kindness, care and joy to give. From the way I've witnessed Tiffany express her love to me, her little brother and her puppy, she has clearly Showed that she is going to make a great Mother! This precious little baby girl is going to be spoiled in all the best possible ways, especially since she is a gift that has been prayed for! I'm excited to see you both grow in this journey we call life!

Sonja: The OG Mom. My Grand-Ma-Mere who rests in heaven is the real Original Gangsta Mom! She birthed and raised her 3 amazing children, including of course my mommie, then later raised another 4 that she loved as her own. As the eldest grandchild, I had the pleasure of knowing Ma in various ways. For me she was Grandma, Ma, friend, confidant, and hero! Ma was caring, loving, giving, blunt, honest, fiery, fierce and feisty! She was never afraid to give you a piece of her mind, always encouraged me to never settle for less, and inspired me to follow my dreams!

These are just a few of the Mothers that have Showed Up perfectly in my life, who I have the honor to Show Out for and who I will proudly Show Off!

Have you told your Mom that you love her today? Did you let another Mom know she is doing a great job? Even if your Mom in not physically here, go hug any Mother today and let her know that she is appreciated!

Enjoy your day with the people you consistently Show Up for! Happy Mother's Day!


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