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Show Yo-Self!

Show Up! Show Out! Show Off!

MUA: @keeshology Mink Lash Style Love: @lashbysade

It comes natural to do this for others, but when was the last time you showed up, showed out and showed off for Yo-self?

Showing up for self, like with others, involves integrity and consistency. Honoring the word that you made with yourself is key. Why do we find it so hard to break our word with others, but easy to break the word you made to yourself? You can't continue to show up for everyone if you don't take care of self first. It's the whole, you can't pour from an empty cup thing. 2018 is the Year of Being Uncomfortable for me. Doing things that take me out of my comfort zone so that I can learn, grow, and evolve from the experiences. Like exposing my authentic self and my life through this blog, being a model in support of the amazing artists in my life, and going to the gym (never been a fan... getting my ish together with that one still lol). I'm taking the actions that I said I would, holding myself accountable for my actions/inaction.

Showing out is being excited about your life, who you are as an individual, a family member, a community member, a human being, and enjoying and cherishing those moments, loving yourself. Again, I'm showing you who I've transformed into, not focusing on the super awkward, timid, "negative Nancy" that I used to be. Instead, we are celebrating the powerful, happy, encouraging, loving, supportive woman that I choose to be daily. Don't get me wrong... I am perfectly imperfect. It is possible to stray back into old habits, but I remind myself everyday to choose and accept my life and who I am NOW and all that she offers, not that of my past self.

Showing off is exuding confidence, determination, love and happiness for all that you are and for all that you do. Be proud of who you have grown to be, have chosen to be and who you have yet to become. You can see the transformation on my Instagram and Facebook pages with what I have chosen to share in the recent weeks.

You are in charge of your life and happiness, you decide if you will be greatness in history. What impact will you have made in your own life? Are you proud to be you? Do you inspire yourself? If not then you need to take actions in a new direction to be the hero/heroine in your own story. You all have enough negativity, haters, and people who want see you fail in the world around you; do not play a part in your own self destruction. If you are not happy, the time for transformation is NOW! What are you waiting for? TAKE THOSE ACTIONS & SHOW UP, SHOW OUT & SHOW OFF for that gorgeous being in the mirror!!!!

Treat Yo-Self! Love Yo-Self! Show Yo-self!

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