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The Trap Queen Show!

Show Up! Show Out! Show Off!

"That look's like fun!" "I want to do this so bad!" "What are you doing?" "You are always doing something crazy and different!" These are a few of the responses I received when people saw me hanging upside down in my Instagram/Facebook post for the first time.

During my birthday-month spree of "Treat Yo-Self January," I impulsively bought a #yoga trapeze. I knew that I needed it as soon as I saw it online, so I got it, without even trying it, of course. Luckily I got to test one out the same week mine was due to arrive, and eventually have it installed at home, with the help of the radiant 'Trap Queen' Renee. I unapologetically fell in love with this this wonderful, energetic woman since day one! She is full of positivity, ambition, kindness, life, healing, and love! If you want to feel inspired, encouraged, rejuvenated, and reach for limits that you never thought you could, attending one of Renee's Yoga Trapeze classes will #transform you. You will stretch the body parts that you thought you couldn't move and feel 2 inches taller after hanging upside down for a few minutes (not that I need to be any taller... lol).

It's crazy how pain, along with our mutual friend @artoflovenj, has brought us together. We first met at an #InstaYum event in January 2018, at the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, where I was officially introduced to the yoga trapeze. To be honest, it wasn't just impulse and spontaneity that brought me to yoga trapeze, but my chronic back pain caused by my scoliosis. Simply put my spine looks like the image to your right (mobile: above). I've had back pain since about the 6th grade, but didn't have an x-ray until I went to the chiropractor as an adult about 3 years ago and told him I think I have scoliosis, which he confirmed to be true. From that point on, for months, I had several spinal adjustments per week along with my daily "homework." All of this just woke up all the sleeping nerves and muscles that had adjusted to the pain and basically numbed over the years. Once things were feeling a lot better... BOOM! New insurance, no coverage, better off paying out of pocket! 3 months later... HALT! New, New insurance: we'll save you a few bucks from the out of pocket, but "das it." What I spent for 12 adjustments before, could only get me 2 now. Thus when the yoga trapeze offered a pain free alternative, I was all in (skipped the $1 trail and paid for it in full).

Back to this lovely lady though! "After experiencing a car accident that caused permanent injury with constant back pain, I came across the yoga trapeze as the best solution to manage my back pain. It has changed my life from a negative to a positive and I would like to share my back care regimen with you." This burst of sunshine has entered my life and I am shamelessly sharing Renee, and You Me Trapeze, with all of you!!!! We had an open, authentic conversation on the You Me Trapeze Podcast about what I am doing with and what "Show Up. Show Out. Show Off." means. We touch on how people who say they are your friends and say they support you, truly Show their support, and you see who is taking action in your rise toward success. I explained how I naturally Show for the people in my life, but now is my time to stop hoarding all of the greatness and talent that surrounds me (*Gollum voice* My Precious!) and how NOW is time to Show Out, Show Off and share it all with the World! She also passionately shares her enthusiasm for life, health, happiness and female empowerment for self, but especially in others! We both share a spirit to serve those in our communities to be great, live life completely, and love fully! I feel like I've known this woman forever in these short 4 months and have been honored to share my trapeze experience with my family and friends on multiple occasions with her!

Look at that face though! If you can sense the positivity and good vibes radiating through the picture above, it's on a hundred-thou in person! So here's some #shameless promotion! I attended Trapeze Yoga and #Brunch inside the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus on May 5 with two of my amazing college friends. We had a good time, great stretch and creative #workout! When was the last time you tried something new? Embraced your inner child? Trusted your body to reach new heights? Renee will be teaching classes again @gsplaza @gspmarket May 12, 19 June 2, 9, 16, 23!

Check her out you won't regret it!

"And I get high with [Renee]. I just left the mall, I'm gettin' fly with [Renee], yeaaahhh"

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